Now That's What Your Parents Call Drone

by Various Artists

  • limited edition cassette

    High bias cobalt tape. 50 copies.

    Sold Out


1- C. Vadi - Careless Whisper
2- Jackknife Barlow - Songbird Origin
3- Via Vegrandis - Baby Baby
4- Cinchel - How Did I Exist
5- Neil Jendon - I'm Not In Love
6- Anaphylaxis - Stay Awhile
7- Bishonen Knife - Sail On
8- Otologist - Hello It's Me
9- Bílý Dehaen - If You Leave Me Now
10- The Kendal Mintcake - Can We Still Be Friends
11- Teutholimax - Just the Way You Are
12- Vapor Lanes - Save the Best For Last
13- Mute Neighbor - Hello Master
14- Patrick Cosmos - The Osiris of This Shit
15- CPI - You Don't Own Me
16- XYZR_KX - Suddenly


released February 1, 2016

Big Sleep thanks: AK/Twin Freaxx, artists both interpretive & original, and you. Thank you for listening.

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This is Big Sleep Records release iO1183 (in conjunction with Twin Freaxx Records).


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